Workplace Ergonomics Talk

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Workplace Ergonomics Talk

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace, keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Poor worksite design leads to fatigued, frustrated and hurting workers which hampers the productivity. Ms Monika gave a talk on the importance & benefits of workplace ergonomic process.    

Restorative Therapy Workshop, 2016

Theratrainer Dealer Meeting, KL


Theratrainer Lecture & Demo

Theratrainer Lecture & Demo at Johar Bahru symposium on Neuro Rehab. Success story of a patient standing upright after 4 years of training.  

SCORES Launch at Synapse clinics in Kuala Lumpur 19th August 2015

Presenting Lecture at Annual conference of Indian Association of Physiotherapists

Presenting Lecture on entrepreneurship in Physiotherapy at AWP – WCPT & IAP Conference

Electrotherapy seminar with Prof Kloth

Vitalstim Seminar in Helsinki

Vitalstim Seminar in Melbourne

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